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I fix the gaps in your Product
So you focus on the Business


The Help
You Need

Till you reach a Product or Services Market Fit
You are probably holding off on hiring a full-time specialist 

Guess what that leaves you with?
  • Gaps in your Product Ideation & Development
  • No help with planning the next steps for your venture
  • Mismanagement of resources leading to slow execution
  • And lastly - Loss of countless hours away from your duties as a Founder
With a decade of delivering successful projects along with hands-on experience of 10,000+ hours in IT, Software Development, and SaaS -
I help great People build greater Products

I provide Product Management services helping
Founders - like you -
get to execution faster than before

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Don’t know how to carry out ideation for your product? How to build a product users love? How to differentiate in the market? How to build up from ground?

Get guidance on how to plan for success


Can’t manage your backlog? Losing efficiency in your team? Facing execution blockers? Can’t get the right resources? Can’t keep up with documentation?

Unlock quick execution with tested strategies


Have trouble unlocking scale? Can’t identify the bottlenecks for your product? Don’t have clarity on the road ahead? Can’t seem to retain/acquire customers?

Reach the next level with proven insights

Working With

Proof of Prowess


Service Plans

To Fix Your Product Gaps
Startup Accelerator

UI/UX and Tech Discovery
User Flows Mapping
Market Understanding
USP and Feature Prioritization
Dev Planning Documentation

Product Strategy

Company-Product Strategy Fit
Opportunity Analysis
Pre/Post PMF Strategy
Feature Mapping & Validation
Feedback Loops Integration

Product Discovery

Business Understanding
User Understanding
Market Understanding
Tech Understanding
Execution Strategy

Market Research

Benchmark Competitor Research
Market & Product Positioning
Feature Focused SWOT Analysis
Product Elevator Pitch
Market Trends Adoption

Product Dev Plan

Epics/Modules Setup
User Flows Structure
Information Architecture
Feature Prioritization
Team Needs Breakdown

Agency Toolkit

Dev/Design SOPs
Onboarding Flows
Team Management Process
Tools & Tech Admin Setup
Operational Optimizations

For us to work well together, we need to check our fit. The first call is always free. Click here to get started.

My services + your unique requirements – all in one document. It gets signed within 2-4 working days.

I work fast. 2 weeks is all it takes to get me onboard your ship VS 90 days for the average employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My services are À la carte offers to solve various needs you have as a business. These are compiled based on my experience working with 100+ founders. As a result I have developed a go to strategy for the most common needs one has. All are also one time cost but the pricing is determined after an initial call.

Most startups don’t hire their first PM for the first 3 years. The founders end up wearing the PM hat which often leads to issues resulting in closing up shop quickly. Average PM salary being around 150,000+ USD per annum means hiring one can’t be justified till much later – and many times, too late.

I fill the gap by offering ONLY what you need as an early stage startup for a price tag much lower than it would be for a PM hire. Not to mention since I specialize in working with many companies in similar stages, I will have more diverse experience than most first hires you will find in your current state.

If you’re developing a product, chances are you are spending a lot of budget on design and development. A typical scrum team (in house) would cost around 500,000 USD+ per annum. Given those numbers, spending as much as 1% of that amount makes sense to ensure what you are building is in the right direction – or perhaps to get a second opinion.

I love working with startups, seeing a founder’s vision to become reality is all what this is about. Me being interim is the most accessible way for you to capitalize on expert guidance while paying on exactly what you need. My services cater to the gaps most founders and startups face – so it’s a one stop shop for your early stage needs.

Well it turns out, having the highest attrition rate in the industry + a very premium price tag + industry relative experience requirements = Product Management a headache to fill out.

Not to mention that it is proven time and time again it takes 3-9 months to open and fill an expert role position such as Product Management. Whereas working with me ensures a measurable impact within a couple of weeks.

Even if you believe you can build your product, it doesn’t hurt having someone who has built others – with success. You might know what to build….but in my experience you most likely don’t. 

See the thing is, let’s say you love cars, love driving them, love owning them, love keeping them – that still doesn’t mean you can build a car. Most founders have ideas based on either problems they face using existing products or solutions they think need to exist to fill a gap in the market. 

But without having gone out and built multiple products, oftentimes you will find yourself in a rut. And here’s where I come in, someone who has built more than 50 products to date.

Product Management at the heart is a generalist role – that being said, I do specialize in 3 industries and have extensive experience in 2 others. Namely QSR, eCommerce, CRM/ERP, Fintech, and Healthtech. I will be the best fit within these areas for your product needs.

Well…..yes….no…kind of.. Productizing Product Management is no easy feat considering every business and every product has unique needs. All I have done here is group together the most common gaps seen among startups and scaleups. And offering a solution for a lower price than it would be if you went the custom consulting route. This way I work with a lot of businesses in similar situations allowing me to work really fast and save you a TON of money and time. So in conclusion, it is not exactly a PMaaS subscription service – its more fixed services for your diverse needs.

Hah…guilty – but discovery has great importance to any product. I have my own framework to walk my clients through an extensive Product Discovery session if need be. The discovery goes over best practices, business understanding, user segmentation, app flows, technical stack, and client understanding (in this case you). Every PM will have their own way to conduct a discovery, but what matters at the end of the day is that you have a roadmap for everything you need to get done.

Learn more here

Well for starters, it’s more approachable. If you’ve ever worked with any kind of management consultancy firm, you should know that – you pay up first – get information later – to pay more – to get the actual answers. I don’t work like that, my first call (and sometimes multiple) is free – only if you have an idea I take interest in, I am willing to work with you. 

Most PM consultancy firms work from a distance – whereas I pivot towards helping you succeed in your business with hands on deck. As a small business, you get the better deal with an all rounder who works with you in the trenches.

Psyche! – I put this question in here just to mess with you. Asking a question like this is similar to asking a mechanic as to what tools you use. Tell me, what matters more, knowing what tools I use, or knowing to use the right tool for the right job? I think we both can agree that this easily googleable question makes no sense to judge someone’s competency. Frameworks are tools, and good PMs only resort to one AFTER defining the problem space – you don’t want to be cutting onions with a hammer.

Ah….hitting nerves I see. Just an FYI, this is a really good question to get any PM riled up. But here’s how I answer this – when it comes to product development we primarily have 5 stages. Discovery, Planning, Design, Dev, Launch. Depending on what you are working on, your responsibilities may align with being more of a PjM or a PdM. But at surface level, one can say, a Product Manager will be more focused on the direction while a Project Manager will be more focused on execution. With roles merging and growing every day in tech – the best thing is to know how to do both.

Considering you qualify for the default services, the prices are typically around 3,000 USD to 5,000 USD – one time. That is the one time price for the deliverables we agree upon over the kickoff call. After that, most clients opt for a monthly retainer with either variable scope or variable cost. I am all in for transparency, so feel free to ask anything regarding pricing in your kickoff call.

Well not really – you’ll have to take my word for it to start with. But the fact is that I operate more as a Service Provider than a Freelancer. Meaning, I only work with a few clients, and only work in a few areas. Quality of my work is more important than anything else – because there is no logo or name to hide behind – it’s my face up here. You can be rest assured I won’t put my reputation on the line for a quick buck. Perks of working with someone directly and not a X Y and Z co.

My skin is very much in the game. See the thing is I like to work directly with founders and small businesses. The reason is simple – I like fostering relationships and getting referred forward for the work I did. The fact that I do business under my name is that I have everything up to see, nothing to hide – no sweatshop doing work in the backend – it’s all me.

Strap in, this will be a long one. Thing is, having worked with 50+ client environments now, it is my job to integrate well into any workflow. So when it comes to tools and techstacks, the list is long. Here’s what I can vouch proficiency with at a PM role level:

Project Management/Task Management
Trello – for small teams and basic scopes of projects/engagements
Monday, Clickup, and Asana – for cross functional teams
Basecamp – for client facing companies
Jira – for complex software development companies

Analytics tools
Google Suite – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Looker Studio, Firebase
Mixpanel, Pendo, Amplitude – For Product experience and user behavior analytics
Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersuggest – For SEO, Writing, Keyword and Performance research

No Code/Low Code Tools
WordPress – for low impact web projects
Wix and Squarespace – for ease of use focused clients
Webflow – for design and customization focused clients and Crowdbotics – for prototyping apps
Bizagi – for low code automation flows

Design & Discovery Tools
Miro – for brainstorming ideas
Figma – for all UI/UX needs
Canva – for quick designs

Enterprise Tools
Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive – experience in all common CRMs
Slack, Teams, Zoom, Meet, Discord – all communication tools
Google Workspace and Office 365
WpEngine, Godaddy, Namecheap, Siteground – for basic hosting needs
AWS and Azure – for complex hosting needs
Vercel – for prototype hosting
Gitlab & Github – for code management

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) – For live streaming to any media platform
Filmora – For video editing needs
Audacity – For audio editing needs
Buzzsprout, Spotify for Podcasters – For podcasting needs

Familiar Tech stacks and Frameworks
MEAN –  MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node
MERN –  MongoDB, Express, React.js, and Node.js
Native Swift, Native Kotlin, React Native
Python and Django
PHP and Laravel

For contact queries kindly email

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