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I help great People build greater Products

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I am an execution driven Product Manager who enables you to deliver results - better than ever before.

With a decade of delivering successful projects along with hands-on experience of 10,000+ hours in IT, Software Development, and SaaS -
I help great People build greater Products

The fields of Product Management, Business Operations, and Marketing drive my passion. As a Product Manager in tech. I work on strategy to launch to growth of products and services with early stage businesses.

As your startup matures, you need someone to come in and wear all the hats.
  • You need someone who knows enough about “everything”
  • You need the ‘get job done’ mentality in your team
  • You don’t need a ‘rockstar’ but someone who integrates well else
I will help you get to execution faster than anyone

1 - Get guidance on what to prioritize and what to skip. 
My experience over a decade allows me to bring my strong intuition to your table
2 - Unblock the roadblocks of common development issues. 

Can’t manage your backlog? Stuff doesn’t get prioritized? Don’t know what to work on next? Can’t make sense of user feedback? Guess what, I do

3 - Have a Swiss knife, good for most, better for all.

As an early stage business, you don’t need the ‘experts’ - yet. I am a proud generalist with specializations across domains. No, I don’t do it "all", but I do the most, consider it bang for buck.

I am your best bet for better outcomes.
And if you ever need more reasons to work with me - Hit the button below:  

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