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What is the hardest part about getting started with an idea?

I help people realize their ideas, build their products, and scale their businesses.

Sounds too easy? 
Well it can be!

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Who Am I

A Summary-ish

I am an experienced Product Manager that helps businesses, big and small, develop their software products.

My work primarily deals with projects related to QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), e-Commerce, q-Commerce, HealthTech, Fintech, and e-Learning; providing strategy development as an add-on service for Marketing (Copywriting, Content, SEO, and PPC) and Design (UI, UX, User Persona, and Branding).

The fields of Product Development, Operations, and Consumer Tech is my passion - with over 3+ years of experience executing various projects along with prior experience of 8+ years in IT, Consumer Tech, and SaaS - I enable teams to build scalable Products.


  • Age: Old Enough
  • Residence: Pakistan
  • iOS or Andoird? Why Not Both
  • Phone: +92 336 7772742

Why Me?

Because I Am Known For
Product Management

10+ Products Launched
500M+ Revenue Recorded
50+ PRDs Approved

Project Management

20+ Teams Managed
50+ Projects Delivered
1000+ Hours Freed

Marketing Strategy

10K+ Leads Generated
5+ Companies Rebranded
100+ Competitors Analyzed

Business Operations

20% Avg Cost Saved
40% Efficiency Improved
5+ Operations Revamped

What They Say

Facts tell - but stories sell

I Help With

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Read What I Write

Sometimes It's Good

Behind The Rift

Welcome to The Rift

My journey into Product Management has been a pretty unique one to say the least, learn why?
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    Saqib Tahir
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    Saqib Tahir