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Road to Working with People and Building Products


I love helping people build products, platforms, and online presence – but when it came to working on my own content – I struggled.

Here’s what needs to be realized:
Mechanics will give their own cars to other workshops
Financial consultants will hire accountants to manage their finances
Software development companies will hire agencies to build their website
Branding companies will hire design agencies to refresh their look

Notice the theme?

Working on your own thing is a challenge.
You are stuck in a bias, it makes you jaded.
You struggle with thinking outside the box.
As the cobbler, your own children often have no shoes.

So what do you do?
You find inspiration elsewhere.
You get an outsiders perspective.
And you iterate year over year towards a goal.

Over half a decade, when it came to my messaging, I struggled.
Figuring out who I want to be perceived as in one line, was a challenge.
As someone who wore many hats in his career – picking one was not easy.

– I love working with businesses, helping their ideas turn to reality.
– I love technology, learning about innovations that make our lives easier.
– And I love working with people, coming together to solve problems.
– capturing all that information in one line, felt mountain of a task.

Don’t get me wrong –
I have done corporate identities
I have worked on countless landing pages
I have create dozens of carefully crafted elevator pitches
But when it came to my own thing – I just felt like I never got anywhere.

Until I saw this:

Chris Do Linkedin Profile Banner

This is the banner image for Chris Do’s LinkedIn page.

Beautifully showing there is a ‘home’ for no matter who you are. A learner, an earner, or an entrepreneur.
Day in and day out I tell founders – you need to target your product to a specific audience.
And it’s funny how I forgot that basic lesson when it came to my own messaging.

Seeing this banner though – clicked the thought in my head:

Who do I work with?
I work with people

What do I work on?
I work on products

What is the goal?
To build something great

My passion for tech and product will always be there – but when it comes to pitching it, the imposter syndrome in me (and most product folks) doesn’t feel comforting.
But there is something I am pretty good at, which is brining improvements to anyone – business or person.

Over the past year I started writing mentoring style experience based content over at

It felt like a nice balance between pitching my services over here on and doing better for like minded folks over there.

Seeing Chris Do’s banner clicked with what I am truly passionate about.
It’s as simple as – 

helping anyone, anywhere, wherever I can.…….with tech

Enter the problem –
Now that writing is part of my content ‘strategy’ so to say. I was interested in learning more on how to optimize my online presence. I talked to gurus, read articles, flipped over every top ranking platform – and generally speaking, everyone says the same thing:

– You need one audience
– One problem
– One solution


That didn’t sit too well with what I wanted to do.
I didn’t want to be limited to one problem and one solution in all the things I write about.

So after years of iteration, I landed on this. I will enable:

Great People
Through my efforts on TWP I want to create high value professionals. My guidance, experiences and one-on-one help has resulted in inspiring many individuals to do more, do better.

See, at the end of the day, for any business:
Marketing doesn’t matter
Sales doesn’t matter
Product doesn’t matter
Tech doesn’t matter
If the people doing it aren’t the best.

People are the only factor that keeps greatness ongoing.

To build Greater Products
Market aside, having a great Product requires a great team. My content around my experiences and learnings behind building products is meant to share all the secrets there are. But without a team, it doesn’t mean much.
Greatness of people will result in Products greater than ever before.
Having the right team with the right product is the place where you want to be. So I have decided to work on both fronts – learning to be exceptional when it comes to building a product – alongside growing my reach to people who can come in and help where needed.

Resulting in
So what do we get now.
It’s an end to end funnel.
If I help professionals get great
Then the products I help build will most likely be greater
Leading me to be someone who wants to help you however I can when it comes to tech and business.

If you have an idea:
– I Will help you research and plan your vision
– I Will help you discover and document the implementation
– I Will help you find the right people for the job
– I Will help you design and develop the product
– and lastly, I Will help you deploy and launch the idea

After all, I didn’t need one audience and one problem – I Needed One Mission

Helping great People build greater Products

tagline: i help great people build greater products
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